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    A new way to go on

    “It is impossible to go on as you were before, so you must go on as you never have.” ~Cheryl Strayed Whether we’re talking about a death, a major illness, a job loss, relocation, divorce, retirement, or any other major change, we have to find a new way “to go on,” as author Cheryl Strayed reminds us. During the last years of my widowed mother’s life, I had to manage everything from her medical appointments to her daily routines while she suffered a memory loss disease. Our lifelong roles as mother and daughter were thrown into reverse. For a long time, I struggled emotionally with the profound shift in our…

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    Post-holiday musings

    “Today is the day the post-holiday blues usually drop in for their annual visit. After any strenuous exertion, especially one that’s lasted several weeks, there’s a natural letdown in energy and enthusiasm.” ~Sarah Ban Breathnach, Simple Abundance Like clockwork, holiday letdown almost always follows a festive series of events — no matter which winter holiday we celebrate. At the beginning of December, our energy runs high as we plan for parties and concerts, decorate our homes, and create special memories for loved ones. Our usual routines and responsibilities — even our worries — are temporarily suspended. Then the holiday arrives … and then it’s over … in a minute! We…

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    Winter Solstice

    “This is the solstice, the still point of the sun, its cusp and midnight, the year’s threshold and unlocking, where the past lets go of and becomes the future; the place of caught breath.” ~Margaret Atwood Today, December 21st, is the Winter Solstice. The Farmer’s Almanac describes it as “the astronomical moment when the sun reaches the Tropic of Capricorn, and we have our shortest day and longest night of the year in the Northern Hemisphere.” No matter where you live, the solstice marks the official start of winter. While it seems counterintuitive, the longest night of the year also holds a glimmer of hope: Each day afterward will be…

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    Consider the possibilities

    “Sometimes the place you are used to is not the place you belong.” ~William Wheeler, screenwriter It’s not too early to start thinking about our New Year’s resolutions. Or maybe we should start reframing them as “possibilities” rather than resolutions? Maybe we could begin by simply considering something new to try — rather than resolving or correcting a problem. Today’s quote reminds me that I’d like to explore new avenues in my writing career, just for one example. I tend to stick with “safe” markets — familiar publications in which I’m comfortable or where my work is typically published rather than rejected. These are the places I’m “used to.” Just…

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    Still looking through an old lens?

    “If you don’t allow yourself to learn and grow from the experience — from what was said, done, and felt — you will always look at your life through the same old lens.” ~Marc and Angel Chernoff, Marc & Angel Hack Life Sometimes we just don’t get it. We keep repeating the same mistakes, yet stubbornly expect different results. Or maybe we’re so stuck that we don’t understand why our old patterns of behavior or outdated viewpoints aren’t working anymore. As today’s quote reminds us, that’s when we need to be honest with ourselves and view the situation with fresh perspective. ~Cindy La Ferle