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    Gifts and giving

    “Giving doesn’t impoverish us; it makes us richer.” ~Martha Beck, The Way of Integrity There are so many different gifting styles and practices — and psychotherapists have some interesting theories on that. Some folks get a thrill out of selecting the perfect presents for their loved ones; others rarely express their affection by giving material things. Some might discourage gift-giving because they don’t want to feel obligated to reciprocate. Still others don’t have a budget to buy gifts — but happily receive them. Either way, gifting should come from the heart. I think it should be fun, too. I love buying small presents for others as much as I love…

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    The clothing of our thoughts

    “Words are the clothing of our thoughts.” ~Jonathan Swift “Watch what you say,” my mother used to scold. Like most little kids, I wasn’t born knowing how to filter my own insensitive remarks. Children are notorious for expressing brutally honest opinions on everything they notice, from bad breath to obesity. It’s our responsibility as adults to teach the gentle arts of tact and diplomacy. These days, sadly, too many grown-ups also think it’s fine to blurt what’s on their minds, even when it’s hurtful. If words are the “clothing of our thoughts,” as today’s quote suggests, why not share a compliment and spare the criticism? Kind words not only lift…

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    Garden of giving

    “A field is empty, but if you put in the effort to grow something then you will have a garden. And that’s life. If you give something, something will come back. Give nothing, nothing will come back. To grow a flower is a miracle: it means you can grow more. Remember that a flower is not just a flower, it is the start of a whole garden.” ~Eddie Jaku, The Happiest Man on Earth The season of Thanksgiving is the perfect time to share sentiments about abundance, generosity, and gratitude — so you’ll be seeing more of these here throughout November. In today’s quote, Holocaust survivor Eddie Jaku reminds us that…

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    Social graces

    “Sometimes, to have good manners means putting up with other people’s bad manners.” ~H. Jackson Brown, Jr. American socialite and author Emily Post advised that having good manners isn’t just a matter of using a dinner napkin or refraining from burping aloud at the table. Courtesy, she said, is all about being “sensitive to the feelings of others” and putting them at ease. Civility is another word for kindness in action. I know I’m not the only one who’s noticing an increase in uncivil, insensitive behavior every day — on the road, in restaurants, in grocery stores, and on TV. If we’re not careful, it will sour our positive outlook…

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    The hard part

    “A part of kindness consists in loving some people more than they deserve.” —Joseph Joubert It’s so easy to be kind to like-minded friends and others who are nice to us. Yet the true test of our character is how we treat the folks who aren’t members of our fan club — especially those who hurt us or disagree with our views. Along those lines, today’s photo shows my new lawn sign. I think the message is a breath of fresh air in today’s vicious political climate. Regardless of what’s on the ballot or who’s running for office, the sign reminds us that kindness is a bipartisan choice we can…