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    Choosing nourishment

    “Rather than contribute to conflict and hostility with your thoughts, words, or actions, choose a different way. When faced with mean-spirited, uninformed, or contentious comments from those hungry for a fight, walk away. Tell yourself:  I don’t go to the hardware store for milk.” ~Cheryl Richardson Cindy La Ferle Miss any posts this week? For more content and social media sharing options, please visit the home page. 

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    Get real or get a haircut: More notes from my quarantine journal

    At a boutique in Saugatuck / Cindy La Ferle “I admit to feeling a bit sad at the idea of this period of reevaluation ending too soon. Our economy is based on consumption, and consumption of any kind, without consciousness, leaves us wanting more.” ~Cheryl Richardson Friday, April 24 Last night I had another weird dream. As reported recently on PsychCentral, weird dreams are not uncommon during a quarantine. Everyone is trying to navigate this new reality without a road map, and our subconscious minds are working overtime while we sleep.In last night’s dream, CNN anchor Chris Cuomo was scheduled to attend an important black-tie event in the middle of the pandemic. For…

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    Being still

    “There is great value in learning to wait through a transition time in life. It takes courage to sit in the mystery, to tell the truth about what no longer works without knowing what will. A new life cannot be willed into existence.  Sometimes we are simply called to wait.”  ~Cheryl Richardson Glen Arbor beach treasure / Cindy La Ferle _______________ For additional content, or to share on social media,  please visit the home page