Civility and manners

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    Social graces

    “Sometimes, to have good manners means putting up with other people’s bad manners.” ~H. Jackson Brown, Jr. American socialite and author Emily Post advised that having good manners isn’t just a matter of using a dinner napkin or refraining from burping aloud at the table. Courtesy, she said, is all about being “sensitive to the feelings of others” and putting them at ease. Good manners are kindness and civility in action. I know I’m not the only one who’s noticing an increase in uncivil, insensitive behavior every day — on the road, in restaurants, in grocery stores, and on TV. If we’re not careful, it will sour our positive outlook…

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    The hard part

    “A part of kindness consists in loving some people more than they deserve.” —Joseph Joubert It’s so easy to be kind to like-minded friends and others who are nice to us. Yet the true test of our character is how we treat the folks who aren’t members of our fan club — especially those who hurt us or disagree with our views. Along those lines, today’s photo shows my new lawn sign. I think its message is a breath of fresh air in today’s vicious political climate. Regardless of what’s on the ballot or who’s running for office, the sign reminds us that kindness is a choice we can make…