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    Who are you, really?

    “You are what you are when nobody is looking.” ~Abigail Van Buren Today’s quote is all about authenticity — a common theme in many “Dear Abby” columns. It’s human nature to present our best image in public, but being truly authentic requires honest self-reflection and courage. That’s not so easy, especially today. Just for starters, consider all the edited selfies and photos of stage-managed lifestyles that constantly bombard us on social media platforms. Once in a while, it’s worth doing a reality check. Who are we when nobody’s looking? ~CL For more like this: Check out additional posts and new content on the Life Lines home page. Photo: Frederik Meijer…

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    Life without Facebook

    “I didn’t know what Facebook was, and now that I do know what it is, I have to say that is sounds like a huge waste of time.” ~Betty White This year I’m celebrating six years of Facebook sobriety. In my experience, Facebook caused more harm than good and I had to quit. Once I did, my emotional wellbeing, relationships, and productivity all improved. If you missed my Oakland Press column on the topic, you can still read it online here. 

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    “The Social Dilemma”

    Who are you when you’re not on Facebook? / Cindy La Ferle “Stop looking for others to validate or verify you. You were already somebody before your social media account was created.” ~Germany Kent Social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter, influence everything from our political beliefs to our spending habits to our mental health — in ways we never imagined until recently. If you’re interested in learning more about social media platforms — including their ever-increasing dangers and privacy issues — don’t miss the new Netflix documentary, The Social Dilemma.  Of special interest are the candid interviews with platform innovators and inventors — each explaining how the social media…