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    Looking within or without?

    “I was always looking outside myself for strength and confidence, but it comes from within. It is there all the time.” ~Anna Freud, psychoanalyst and daughter of Sigmund Freud The world of social media revolves around building our brand, getting “likes,” and attracting followers. In other words, it’s fueled on the concept of earning validation and applause from the outside. Or, look at it this way: Nobody uses a social media platform without hoping to attract or amuse an audience, even a small one. It’s not a solo activity. As any psychiatrist would tell us, there’s nothing fundamentally wrong with that. We can keep social media in a healthy perspective…

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    Can we be alone without social media?

    “Changing social media is not enough. We need to change ourselves. Facebook knows how to keep us glued to our phones; now we need to learn how to be comfortable with solitude. If we can’t find meaning within ourselves, we are more likely to turn to Facebook’s siloed worlds to bolster our fragile sense of self.” ~Sherry Turkle, Professor of the Social Studies of Science and Technology at MIT Earlier this week, U.S. Surgeon General Vivek Murthy declared that age 13 is too young for children to be using social media platforms. “Based on the data I’ve seen, I believe that 13 is too early.…The skewed and often distorted environment of…

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    Who are you, really?

    “You are what you are when nobody is looking.” ~Abigail Van Buren Today’s quote is all about authenticity — a common theme in many “Dear Abby” columns. It’s human nature to present our best image in public, but being truly authentic requires honest self-reflection and courage. That’s not so easy, especially today. Just for starters, consider all the edited selfies and photos of stage-managed lifestyles that constantly bombard us on social media platforms. Once in a while, it’s worth doing a reality check. Who are we when nobody’s looking? ~CL For more like this: Check out additional posts and new content on the Life Lines home page. Photo: Frederik Meijer…

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    Life without Facebook

    “I didn’t know what Facebook was, and now that I do know what it is, I have to say that is sounds like a huge waste of time.” ~Betty White This year I’m celebrating six years of Facebook sobriety. In my experience, Facebook caused more harm than good and I had to quit. Once I did, my emotional wellbeing, relationships, and productivity all improved. If you missed my Oakland Press column on the topic, you can still read it online here. 

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    “The Social Dilemma”

    Who are you when you’re not on Facebook? / Cindy La Ferle “Stop looking for others to validate or verify you. You were already somebody before your social media account was created.” ~Germany Kent Social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter, influence everything from our political beliefs to our spending habits to our mental health — in ways we never imagined until recently. If you’re interested in learning more about social media platforms — including their ever-increasing dangers and privacy issues — don’t miss the new Netflix documentary, The Social Dilemma.  Of special interest are the candid interviews with platform innovators and inventors — each explaining how the social media…