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    Things are looking up

    Everyone I know has at least one ongoing problem or nagging issue that defies resolution, whether it’s chronic physical pain, a career crisis, or a social conflict that’s a chronic pain in the ass. It’s hard to make peace with something that you can’t make peace with, no matter how hard you try. Today’s quote is a perfect reminder to step back and enjoy the weekend without giving a thought to the annoyances and grievances that will be there on Monday. ~CL

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    Embracing the unknown

    “The unknown is where all outcomes are possible; enter it with grace.” ~Message on a Yogi teabag I’ve always struggled with the unknown. The unknown is the gray area; a state of uncertainly; a question mark dangling over the future. The unknown leaves us hanging. The unknown leaves us alone with an overactive imagination. If I’m waiting for the results of a medical test, for instance, I envision all sorts of worst-case scenarios. If someone doesn’t answer my email or a text message, I tend to assume something is wrong. Of course, life is jam-packed with uncertainties, large and small. So when I read the above message on my teabag…

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    Are you putting yourself last?

    “Sometimes you have to put your own needs first, even if that doesn’t please others. You are not required to set yourself on fire to keep other people warm.” ~Shannon Olson  Like a lot of people who know better, I often put the needs, dreams, or wishes of others before my own. I allow myself to remain stuck in second place. Even if someone lets me off the hook and gives me “permission” to put myself first, I might feel guilty when I do so. It gets tricky sometimes, because I truly enjoy helping others, especially the people I love. I want to be generous, agreeable, and useful. Somewhere between…

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    The nature of suffering

    “We suffer more in imagination than in reality” ~Seneca Influenced by the work of Plato and Socrates, the Stoic philosopher Seneca believed that everyone should live in the present without feeling anxious about the future. Many emotional difficulties are self-imposed, Seneca suggested. His quote today reminded me that I often worry needlessly about the future — not to mention a list of other things beyond my control. I’m not alone. Everyone has worries that loom larger in their minds than is necessary. And we’ve all met some folks who’ve practically made a career out of physical or emotional suffering. But imagine instead what would happen if we didn’t dwell on…

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    Communication skills

    “Lack of communication leaves fear and doubt.” ~Kellan Lutz Lately I’ve been thinking about communication — and what makes good communication. I’m an over-communicator by nature and by trade. After college, I had publishing jobs that required a lot of meetings and follow-up phone calls. Later, as a newspaper columnist, my career was all about talking to people in print. (Early in my marriage, one of my in-laws told me I “talk too much.”) But after years of living among both chatterboxes and quiet people, I’m much more comfortable with the chatterboxes. While some folks believe it’s safer to say less — or nothing — silence doesn’t help build relationships.…