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This website is no longer used or updated regularly. Please visit my personal blog. Things that make me happy is updated almost daily and features my photography, inspirational quotes, professional bio, and links to my newly published pieces in magazines and newspapers. I hope to meet you there! 

My award-winning essay collection, Writing Home, is now available at The Yellow Door Art Market in downtown Berkley. 

Holiday gift idea …

Described as “a love letter to home and family life,” my essay collection, Writing Home ($16.95) includes 93 pieces that were previously published in national magazines and regional newspapers. These are my favorites under one cover — the stories and columns I hope my family and friends will want to read again. They cover topics such as working from home, remodeling an old house, losing a father, caring for aging parents, dealing with snarky kids, facing our own aging, and the bittersweet experience of sending a child to college. You’ll also read about my pet duck, tributes to Fred Rogers and Dr. Seuss, my gardening passion, my thrift-shopping addiction, and more.   

It’s available locally at Yellow Door Art Market in Berkley, where you’ll find hundreds of beautiful gifts made here in Michigan. To purchase signed copies directly from me, please email for more information. ~CL

The Art of Collecting Beach Stones

Cindy La Ferle

Michigan BLUE recently redesigned its website, making it easier for readers to catch up on issues they’ve missed. Whether you’re a Michigan resident or wish you could be one, this gorgeous magazine will inspire you to explore the beauty of our Great Lakes State. I’ve enjoyed my working relationship with BLUE for several years. The Summer 2018 issue contains a reflective essay I wrote on midlife and aging, which was inspired one morning while I was collecting beach stones on the shores of Lake Michigan. You can read it here.