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    It’s OK to be wrong

    “To live a creative life, we must lose our fear of being wrong.” ~Patti Digh, Creative Is a Verb Do critics and perfectionists test your patience? These are the control freaks who like to point out the crooked seams on your brand-new shirt, for example, or correct other people’s errors in casual conversation. Always right, they won’t consider an opposing viewpoint — even if it’s as clear as daylight. I’ll bet you know a few of them too — and would agree they’re not so much fun to be around. The fear of being wrong, or appearing wrong, is a buzzkill for just about everything. Today’s quote reminds us that…

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    Different gifts

    “We all have different gifts, so we all have different ways of saying to the world who we are.” ~Fred Rogers Personal expression is one of the most fascinating aspects of being human. Some people share their creativity through cooking and serving meals, while others show their hearts in poems and stories. Still others express themselves through music, fashion, pottery, needlework, photography, gardening, or watercolor painting. As Mister Rogers reminded us, everyone has “different gifts.” Celebrate your own talents today — and take a moment to appreciate the talents of others in your life. ~CL

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    The case for quality

    “When you have deep friendships with good people, you copy and then absorb some of their best traits. When you love a person deeply, you want to serve them and earn their regard. When you experience great art, you widen your repertoire of emotions. Through devotion to some cause, you elevate your desires and organize your energies.” ~David Brooks, The Road to Character Once in a while, my husband and I like to spend a quiet afternoon at the Detroit Institute of Arts. We always return home feeling inspired after visiting our favorite paintings and exhibits. Sometimes we rediscover a piece that we’d forgotten or overlooked in the past. Best…

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    Morning people

    “The muses love the morning.” ~Benjamin Franklin I’ve always been a morning person. Since I’m the granddaughter of Scottish farmers, I wonder if I’m genetically programmed to be an early riser. Whatever the reason, I think it’s a privilege to watch the sun rise over the treetops while I sip my morning coffee and write. My mind is fresher early in the day, and since fewer people are awake yet, there are no phone calls or conversations to interrupt my early morning peace. The only drawback to early rising is that I’m inclined to tire out earlier in the evening when my night-owl friends are just getting started. How about…

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    Kindred spirits

    “If it is true for you, it is true for someone else, and you are no longer alone.” ~Colson Whitehead If you’re a sports fan, one of the thrills of rooting for a team is the sense of unity you experience with your fellow fans. For me, reading books, magazines, and newspaper articles is another way to feel connected to humanity. Whenever I read a piece of writing that lifts my heart or gets me thinking, I believe the author and I are kindred spirits. This happened last week when I read a fabulous New York Times column by David Brooks, who beautifully explained why studying art and the humanities…