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    How we see things

    “We don’t see things as they are. We see them as we are.”~Anais Nin It’s easy to be blinded by our own perceptions or preferences, as French memoirist Anais Nin reminds us in today’s thought. Whenever I find myself offended, annoyed, or angered, I’m tempted to adopt the stance of self-righteousness. It’s my way or the highway, right? That’s when I absolutely need to stop and consider the reasons behind another person’s actions or opinions. And that’s when a little empathy comes in handy. Have I taken time to understand what that person might be going through at the time? Am I holding him or her to a standard that…

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    “Often when you think you’re at the end of something, you’re at the beginning of something else.” ~Fred Rogers Earlier this week I drove past a row of maples that were just beginning to show blushes of red. At that moment, the reality of summer’s end struck a melancholy chord on my heartstrings. As much as I love fall, it also signals the end of carefree summer days — and I can’t help but think of autumn as a metaphor for aging. Several people I know have lost loved ones over the past year, which only adds another somber note to my reflections. How many seasons do any of us…

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    Whose life?

    “Whose life are you living, yours or the one somebody prefers for you?” ~Vanita Oelschlager, Write with Me By the time we reach middle age, we’ve established our own patterns, preferences, routines, and habits. We’ve made some difficult choices; traveled a few paths; tried many different things. We like to believe we’ve designed our own way of living — even our own style. In reality, each of us is a unique combination of influences — parents, siblings, partners, relatives, teachers, peers, and popular culture, just for starters. Who are your strongest influences? Which ones suggested, or even dictated, the life you’re living now? Are there any changes you’d make if…

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    Things are looking up

    Everyone I know has at least one ongoing problem or nagging issue that defies resolution, whether it’s chronic physical pain, a career crisis, or a social conflict that’s a chronic pain in the ass. It’s hard to make peace with something that you can’t make peace with, no matter how hard you try. Today’s quote is a perfect reminder to step back and enjoy the weekend without giving a thought to the annoyances and grievances that will be there on Monday. ~CL

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    Some thoughts on gifting

    “Giving doesn’t impoverish us; it makes us richer.” ~Martha Beck, The Way of Integrity Who doesn’t enjoy getting presents? There are many different gifting styles and practices — and psychotherapists have some interesting theories on that. Some people get a thrill out of selecting the perfect presents for their loved ones, while others simply don’t express their affection with material things. I know many people who discourage gift-giving because they don’t want to feel obligated to reciprocate. Others don’t have a budget to buy gifts, but will gladly receive them. All said and done, the gifts we treasure come from the heart — or are made by hand. A dear…