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Good morning~

Thanks for staying the course with me during this transition. While it officially launched last week, Life Lines is still a work in progress.

Created in 2010, this web site was first introduced as Cindy La Ferle’s Home Office. I used it regularly until I started posting my photos with inspirational quotes on Google Blogger. Due to recent changes at Blogger, however, I’ve returned to this web site. My son migrated the material from Things that make me happy — and coached me on revamping this site’s design. If you look at the Archive section here, you’ll find earlier posts dating back 12 years! (Some were so awful or outdated that I had to delete them.)

A few housekeeping notes: If you’re reading Life Lines on a cell phone, you’ll miss a few of its special features. For a full tour of this site and additional content, please take a look on your laptop or desktop monitor.

Thanks for visiting, and I hope that each post will inspire you or enhance your day.


Throughout my career, I've worked as a book production editor, travel magazine editor, features writer, and weekly newspaper columnist. My award-winning lifestyles features and essays have appeared in many national magazines and anthologies, including Newsweek, Reader's Digest, The Christian Science Monitor, Writer's Digest, Victoria, Better Homes & Gardens, Bella Grace, and more. My weekly Sunday "Life Lines" column ran for 14 years in The Daily Tribune (Royal Oak, MI) and won a First Place (Local Columns) award from the Michigan Press Association. My essay collection, Writing Home, includes 93 previously published columns and essays focusing on parenthood and family life.


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