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    Let’s talk …

    “Lack of communication leaves fear and doubt.” ~Kellan Lutz Lately I’ve been thinking about communication — and what makes good communication. You’ll be seeing a lot of quotes along these lines over the next few weeks. I tend to be an over-communicator, and I’ve had lots of practice. After college, I had publishing jobs that involved regular meetings and follow-up phone calls. Later, as a newspaper columnist, my career was all about talking to people in print. (Early in my marriage, one of my in-laws told me I “talk too much.”) But after years of living among both chatterboxes and quiet people, I’m much more comfortable with the chatterboxes. While…

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    The family columnist

    We worry about what a child will become tomorrow, yet we forget that he is someone today.”  ~Stacia Tauscher Using our kids as fodder for Facebook posts, blog posts, or newspaper columns is hardly new.  But it was a thought-provoking exercise for me to revisit my own column-writing days in a “Home Forum” essay for The Christian Science Monitor. While I approached the piece with a light hand, some darker issues lurked between the lines. How much ink is appropriate to give our kids?  Are we bragging or exploiting? How can we avoid overstepping personal boundaries or violating our children’s privacy?  Please click here to read the essay. –CL