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    Reflecting on art

    “When we look at art, we are looking for ourselves.” ~Leslie Riley I wasn’t entirely on board with today’s quote until I remembered a woman I knew who didn’t like to read novels or see films unless the plots revolved around people like her. She could only relate to characters in settings and situations similar to her own. I’ve always enjoyed paintings, films, and books that surprise and entertain me. And while I often find aspects of myself in some characters, I don’t necessarily hope to see myself reflected in what I’m viewing or reading. How about you? Do you want art and literature to mirror your own life and…

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    Who’s in the driver’s seat?

    “I don’t want to be a passenger in my own life.” ~Diane Ackerman Sometimes it’s nice to let someone else do the driving. Sometimes we just want to sit back, roll down the windows, and enjoy the ride. And there’s nothing wrong with that — unless we’re always dodging responsibility or letting someone else (or something else) control where we’re going. Do you often allow others to make your plans and decisions when you could be asserting your own choices? Do you structure your days around unhealthy or unproductive habits? Once in a while, it’s worth a reality check: Who or what is in the driver’s seat of your own…

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    The art of perseverance

    “One must go on working silently, trusting the result to the future.” ~Vincent van Gogh With the help of my new internist, I’ve been working to rebuild a weakened immune system after two long months of illness. I trust her recommendations, and I’m grateful for her partnership on my health journey. Last week, the doctor said something that reminded me of today’s quote from Vincent van Gogh. To paraphrase her advice: There are few quick fixes when it comes to healing — so it’s important to practice patience as we work toward our long-range goals. I think that’s a wise prescription for nearly any worthy endeavor you can name. ~CL

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    Self-imposed limitations

    “Why do you stay in prison, when the door is so wide open?” ~Rumi, Sufi poet As my late parents used to remind me, sometimes we’re responsible for creating our own obstacles. The good news is that we also have the power to move past them. Throughout my life, I’ve found this to be true. How often do we limit ourselves when opportunities are wide open to us? How often do we deceive ourselves into thinking we don’t have the ability to achieve a particular goal? How often do we think a door is closed to us when it really isn’t? ~CL Subscribers: Did you miss any posts last week?…

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    Looking within or without?

    “I was always looking outside myself for strength and confidence, but it comes from within. It is there all the time.” ~Anna Freud, psychoanalyst and daughter of Sigmund Freud The world of social media revolves around building our brand, getting “likes,” and attracting followers. In other words, it’s fueled on the concept of earning validation and applause from the outside. Or, look at it this way: Nobody uses a social media platform without hoping to attract or amuse an audience, even a small one. It’s not a solo activity. As any psychiatrist would tell us, there’s nothing fundamentally wrong with that. We can keep social media in a healthy perspective…