A favorite love poem

Then all the moments of the past began to line up behind that moment.” — Billy Collins One of the things I admire most about poet Billy Collins is the way he mines the ordinary for beauty, then renders a moment of art. In “This Much I Do Remember,” he recalls a tender moment that […]


I love how a poem, an essay, or a novel can shimmer with new meaning when you reread it years later — when the defining moments of your own life realign with the story. It’s sort of like running into an old friend who looks better as he ages. I first read Billy Collins’ “Forgetfulness” […]

“You, Reader”

Whenever anyone reads his words the writer is there. He lives in his readers.” — William S. Burroughs Creative writing teachers often preach: “Write for yourself” and “Write what you know.” Good advice, yes. Still, most of us hope to build a readership. We write to make a connection with others. Working as a weekly […]

“Advice to Writers”

The more you clean, the more brilliant your writing will be.” — Billy Collins Last week I shared Jane Hirshfield’s “The Poet” (about a writer at her desk), and in the comment section we all compared notes on where we do our own creative projects. Writers are inherently messy — in a good way. We […]