Coping with parent loss during the holidays

They live forever in your broken heart….And you come through. It’s like having a broken leg that never heals perfectly—that still hurts when the weather gets cold, but you learn to dance with the limp.” — Anne Lamott I‘m on holiday break for the next week, so I’ll continue to repost seasonal pieces. This one […]

Rekindling our light

A Light to Warm Our Winter First published in The Daily Tribune, December 24, 1998, this essay was assigned for the front page of the Christmas Eve edition. It is republished in Writing Home. __________ Over the centuries, Christmas has been reinvented and repackaged, promoted and pummeled, like the cookie dough we cut into festive […]

Farewell, holiday funk!

When you are aware of all that has been given to you, in your lifetime and the past few days, it is hard not to be humbled, and pleased to give back.” — Anne Lamott, from Help, Thanks, Wow Wonder of wonders, I’ve made it halfway through December without suffering the pre-Christmas blues. Which is […]

Home for the holidays

Proceeds from the holiday sales of my book, Writing Home, are donated annually to organizations serving the homeless.  Since the book’s first printing in 2005, I’ve had the honor of donating several hundred dollars from book sales and speaker fees to both the Welcome Inn and South Oakland Shelter, here in metro Detroit. Christmas is the season for kindling […]

Mothering myself

Mother is a verb, not a noun.”  ~ English Proverb It’s going to take several days to recover from last week’s domestic flurry – a self-inflicted storm of floor washing, napkin ironing, furniture polishing, and grocery shopping. As most women would, I blamed it initially on the Thanksgiving holiday and the fact that I would […]

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