True gifts

The only gift is a portion of thyself” — Ralph Waldo Emerson

By this time, only the sanest among us haven’t gone Christmas-crazy. The rest of us are baking, cooking, addressing cards, planning holiday meals, shopping for holiday meals, decking the halls, scouting the malls for last-minute gifts, and trying to make cameo appearances at parties when we’d really rather pull the covers over our heads and call it a night.

This week, my Royal Oak Patch column asks you to pause to consider: Which Christmas carol best expresses the true meaning of Christmas? Please click here to read it.

Meanwhile, I’m preparing for Nate’s arrival home for the holidays. I went grocery shopping today for the Christmas meals I’ll cook this week, and right now I’m soaking raisins in whiskey for traditional Scottish bread pudding. If the new recipe turns out even better than my grandmother’s, I’ll post a photo along with the recipe here soon.

I’m sending you all my very best wishes along with heartfelt gratitude for your friendship this year. Merry Christmas! — CL