Where the heart is

Home ought to be our clearinghouse, the place from which we go forth lessoned and disciplined, and ready for life.”  ~Kathleen Norris

So … are you still eating Thanksgiving leftovers? Today I’m savoring the last of the long weekend with the family. I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday.

My new Royal Oak Patch column is posted today. In it, I revisit one of my favorite subjects: the need to slow down and savor everyday pleasures — before the Christmas Machine cranks up. Quick reminder: I’ll display the official Patch logo, above, to alert you every time a new Patch column is posted. While the site is hyper-local, I’m focusing on themes that appeal to all readers, no matter where you live. Next week’s Patch column will address the holiday blues and how to send them packing. Please join the conversation! — CL