Home Office on Facebook

It’s no secret that I’ve been conflicted about Facebook for years. The dilemma, in a nutshell: How can I avoid annoying my family/close friends with work-related status updates? And how can I avoid “over-sharing” personal or family updates with my colleagues and students? In other words, the way I see it, the same people who want news about my published stories or writing workshops don’t necessarily want updates on how my mother’s pacemaker is working.

I suppose I could fiddle with all kinds of privacy settings to control my Facebook content. But I found a more creative — and democratic — way to settle the whole issue without hurting folks or making a social-media mess of things.

This week I launched a brand-new Facebook “author page” titled Cindy La Ferle’s Home Office and Blog. This one will feature daily creativity quotes, links to posts on this blog, my own photography and artwork, fresh inspiration for creative people, updates on my workshops, and other local or national resources you’ll want to know about. And when it’s time to announce my next book, that’s where I’ll share the news first.

I’m having a blast launching the new page! Serving as a bridge to this blog, it’s also a fantastic way to stay in touch with students who’ve taken my workshops. And I always enjoy hearing from people who enjoy the written word as much as I do.

Please join me at Cindy La Ferle’s Home Office on Facebook. Once you “like” the new page, you’ll get my updates and a daily dose of creative inspiration in your Facebook feed. — Cindy La Ferle