Happy 4th of July!

From every mountainside, let freedom ring.” –Samuel Francis Smith

In and around my community, you can hear the snap-crackle-bang-pop of fireworks every night for a week before the Fourth of July. Neighborhood kids convene in the middle of the street to launch bottle rockets, while business owners and service club members gather at the local golf club for an old-fashioned barbecue and a fabulous display of fireworks.

And who doesn’t love the patriotic spirit that parades down Main Street in the form of high school marching bands and grinning politicians? Yes, it’s every bit as cornball as a production of The Music Man, but we expect nothing less from the holiday.

If you’re hitting the road for a family vacation this week, pack your sense of adventure. And please put your cell phone away and drive carefully. Cheers!

— Fireworks photo was taken (by yours truly) this year at the Red Run Golf Club in Royal Oak. —