Traveling light in the new year

DSCN7825While packing clothes for a short vacation late last month, I realized (once again) that I have way too many drawers and closets in dire need of weeding out. January, the month of renewal and change, feels like the right time to dig in and start pitching.

At the same time, I have a lot of other baggage I need to unload, from outdated opinions to stale grudges. That’s the theme of my January column in Michigan Prime, delivered Jan. 3 with your Sunday Detroit News and Free Press. To read the column in the online edition, please click here and flip to page 3.

A valentine to old love

ValentineThe divorce rate may be rising again, but I didn’t have to look far to find many happy couples to interview about their long-running marriages. And last month, when I asked Facebook friends to share the secrets of keeping an old love new, I received more responses than I had room to quote in a short, 550-word column. So what are the common ties that bind?

Look for my tribute to “old love” in the February issue of Michigan Prime, delivered with your Sunday Detroit Free Press this weekend. Or read it online here, on page 5.

— “We’re in the Same Boat” Collage by Cindy La Ferle —