In praise of good behavior

DSCN0851In a bookstore last month, I stumbled on the new gift edition of Dale Carnegie’s motivational classic, How to Win Friends and Influence People. It prompted a sweet memory of my late father — and inspired a column on the topic of our nation’s lack of civility. Look for it in the March issue of Michigan Prime this weekend in your Sunday Detroit Free Press — or click here to read it online, page 3. 

5 thoughts on “In praise of good behavior

  1. Having taken the course many years ago and worked with other classes in the training I may not be up to snuff on it but I know to excuse myself when passing people in the grocery store, to say please and thank you when needed, and to apologize when I didn’t see someone waiting to get by me.

    My copy is a little worn and packed away but I think it would be worth the effort to buy a new one. Thank you for reminding me.

    • It’s a great book, and I am sorry I didn’t sit down to read all of it sooner! In fact, I wish I could afford to buy dozens of copies … I would pass them out to just about everyone I know 🙂

        • You can buy one at our local Books-a-Million on Southfield Rd., which is where I bought my copy. Or you could phone any national chain bookstore (like Barnes and Noble) and they could order one for you. Or go online to order. Ask for the gift edition with the faux leather cover. Hope this helps. I don’t have an email for those bookstores.

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