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DSCN5701Today’s quote is for the students who attended my three-part “WRITING IT REAL” workshop series at the Royal Oak Public Library. All of you inspired me with your courageous essays and conversation. Thank you for spending the time with me. I found this excerpt in one of Martha Beck’s blog posts last week and thought of all of you …

“Toni Morrison said that ‘the function of freedom is to free someone else.’ This is the final step necessary for keeping your heart at liberty, and you do it in just one way: by telling your story. However you do it—a journal, an artistic creation, the pictures you hang on your walls, or the way you raise your children—telling your story demolishes the barriers between your heart and the outside world. I wont lie: This means that your heart will be exposed and, yes, broken. But its important to remember that a heart is imprisoned not by being broken but by being silenced. There will be people who wont like what you say. Its going to hurt—and its going to heal… As you learn to live by heart, every choice you make will become another way of telling your story, finding your tribe, and liberating not only your heart but the hearts of others. This is the very definition of love, the process that makes people and societies capable of true humanity.”Martha Beck

2 thoughts on “Keep telling your stories

  1. There is useful powerful truth in Martha Beck’s message, which is consistent with the discussion and teachings you shared with us in the WRITING IT REAL workshop. The simple yet profound notion of ‘telling your story’ is in many cases a matter of making time and doing it. Not necessarily easy but we who are inclined and able to do so, should. I came away with confidence and better understanding to proceed, and especially appreciated the idea that such writing facilitates health and happiness (something of which I was vaguely aware). Thanks!

  2. Jim — so glad you found the class helpful! I enjoyed hearing you read your work, and hope you continue to write. I’ll be posting that story about the paper route later this week. Thanks again for your story!

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