An old dog learns new tricks

DSCN6515“Once you have had a wonderful dog, a life without one is a life diminished,” wrote Dean Koontz.

I was a contented “cat person” for more than three decades, owning at least two adorable felines at a time. So I never realized something was missing from my life — though I’d always entertained fantasies of adding a large dog to our family … someday.

As a new dog owner at 60, I’ve had a lot to learn. But I’m totally smitten with Coco, the beautiful shepherd-collie we adopted last fall, not long after my mom died. In this month’s Michigan Prime column, I had a little fun with the topic, and shared several life lessons I’ve learned from Coco. Watch for the print edition in your Sunday Detroit Free Press, or flip to page 5 to read it online.

9 thoughts on “An old dog learns new tricks

  1. A wonderful article . But more important is the fact that you have found a new comfort in your life. The love and devotion that a dog develops for it’s owner is a precious gift to be cherished. I know because my dog is all those things to me.

  2. I read your article this morning. Coupled with your photo, I am delighted to know that your new family member is a great addition. I love dogs and as you are learning they love us.

  3. Wow, Cindy. What a wonderful, powerful and moving article. We are so glad that things worked out with Coco. Sounds like Coco has found her forever home! I’m sure she is glad that you did not give up on her!!

  4. I liked your article in PRIME so much, I copied it and posted it on Facebook (giving you credit, of course). I’ve adopted two rescued dogs too, so know first-hand how precious they are. Thanks for writing such a great story, and I hope it encourages others to think about adopting too.

  5. Cindy,

    You should read the book – A Dog’s Life The Autobiography of a Stray Dog by Ann Martin. It’s a children’s book but still a good read for dog lovers. I am waiting for retirement to adopt my dog, so for now the cat still rules our house. Your story gave me hope for the adoption of a canine. Thanks!

  6. Coco is beautiful. Now to read your Michigan Prime article! Like you, I’ve been a cat person my entire life. I have always wanted a dog, but feared I would not be up to the task. Sounds like the rewards are well worth it!

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