Help for the holiday blues

BLUEXMASphotoThere’s no escaping the fact that Christmas is the most nostalgic — and over-hyped — American holiday. To anyone who’s battling a tough case of seasonal depression or a death in the family, the season of “comfort and joy” often feels like a month-long endurance test. Or, as Garrison Keillor once quipped in my all-time favorite Christmas quote: “Christmas is compulsory, like a thunderstorm, and we all get through it together.”

My December column in Michigan Prime offers tips on how we can survive and celebrate the holidays as we face loss and change in our families. The print edition is delivered to subscribers of the Sunday Detroit News and Free Press. Or you can view the December 2014 issue online. You’ll find my column on page 6.

5 thoughts on “Help for the holiday blues

  1. I agree things will be different for those of us who have lost someone close this year but with the warmth of family and friends we will find a path into a new year.

  2. Cindy, I look forward to reading your article tomorrow in the Freep. In November 2013 my beloved sister, Liz, died and I found the holidays to be very difficult. Actually the entire year was a challenge. However, Thanksgiving was good this year and I think Christmas will be as well. I will forever miss my sister as you will your mother. Some days are good some not so much. It’s the memories that cause tears as well as joy. But memories are the pictures in our minds that are treasures.

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