Life lessons and beach stones

BeachstonesPatchAuthor Anne Morrow Lindbergh found metaphors in the seashells she collected on Captiva Island, but I’ve composed my own meditations while scouting for beach stones in northern Michigan.

To read my July column on the topic, look for Michigan Prime magazine, delivered this Sunday with your Detroit News and Free Press.

Original photo (left) by Cindy La Ferle

4 thoughts on “Life lessons and beach stones

  1. Hello Cindy,
    I read your “beach stone” column, this morning, and wanted to comment on your collection. I, too, have saved many beautiful ones–beautiful in the water, that is; then, upon bringing them home, dry, I’d think, “Why did I choose these?”

    Realizing their true beauty is when they’re wet, I carefully placed them in an antique glass jar (even the Petoskey stones)and filled the jar, to the top, with water. You must have a CONTAINER WITH A LID, however, in order to keep the water from evaporating.

    It’s not really necessary, but I find that removing the stones, about once a year, and cleaning the small amount of slime that collects on them, helps to retain their beauty.

    Honestly, the colors of the stones are stunningly vibrant–just as you would see them in the lake. I have a smaller container in my downstairs powder room, during the summer months; another, larger container (with larger stones), is outside, on my glass-topped patio table.

    Kathe Bolio

  2. I don’t collect stones because I have too much other stuff to contend with but I did find your article brought some ideas to mind. Thank you for sharing.

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