New column: Two new hips and a second chance

We must embrace pain and burn it as fuel for our journey. ~Kenji Miyazawa

I was in my early forties when I was diagnosed with degenerative osteoarthritis in both hips. Unable to walk without assistive devices for more than a year, I had a glimpse of what it’s like to be disabled….Read the rest of the story in this month’s Michigan Prime, delivered this weekend with your Sunday Detroit News and Free Press. To read my column online, please click here and turn to page 5.

4 thoughts on “New column: Two new hips and a second chance

  1. After the abilities gained from two shoulder replacements and reading of your experience I’m sure I would not hesitate hip replacement if it was needed

  2. Thank you for your article on your hip replacements!!! In 3 days, I will be receiving a complete knee replacement. I am only 55 and have been very scared and nervous about this procedure at such a young age! I like you, have tried all the alternative treatments and have decided my quality of life is very important to me, I want to remain active for a long time. I think it was a message from God that I happened to sit down and come across your article.

  3. Sandi,
    I appreciate your contacting me to share your story. As you know, I can relate to your pain, so I am glad to know my article was of comfort to you. Good luck with your surgery — and please let me know how it goes afterward!

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