Who wins the wrinkle wars?

Becomemyself1We’ve come a long way, baby, yet our culture still honors youth and beauty over wisdom and experience. For most women, learning how to accept our changing faces and bodies is one of the toughest challenges of maturing. My column in the March issue of Michigan Prime (delivered with your Sunday Detroit Free Press) focuses on the debate over cosmetic surgery (and “anti-aging” products) and spotlights two new books on the topic. Please click here to read the online edition, and flip to page 15 in the Detroit/Wayne County edition.

Artwork by Cindy La Ferle. To view more, please click here

2 thoughts on “Who wins the wrinkle wars?

  1. That is a good article but I can’t follow those rules. Soap and water have always been my cleansing agent. Little or no makeup in the past was used. So now the wrinkles show, the eyes are a little baggy, and the throat sags so the only thing I have to rely on Is a great big smile and everyone seems charmed by that!

  2. “Momma” — attitude is everything, and yours is wonderful! But I hope you read the conclusion, where I stated that I hope we all challenge our culture’s views on aging. It’s all about acceptance and being comfortable in our own skin.

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