The perfect black dress

“One is never over-dressed or underdressed with a little black dress.” –Karl Lagerfeld

DSCN5066Few things in this world are more fun than shopping with a friend.

Earlier this week, one of my besties asked me to join her on a mission to bag the perfect little black dress. Deb will be attending a fancy wedding in New York next month. While she has a great wardrobe for her job as a school social worker, I totally understood her need to buy some “grown-up clothes” (her words) for this special occasion.

And so, starting with lunch at 11:30, Deb and I ended up spending nearly six hours at Somerset Mall, where we managed to find two gorgeous black dresses — one on sale! — and some killer blingy accessories to go with them. We had a blast.

While I watched Deb model her finds, I couldn’t help but wonder: Is there anything handier than a basic black dress that makes a woman look slim and glamorous?

Of course, the fashion police keep trying to push bright colors on us, especially this time of year when the spring resort lines hit the stores. And I have absolutely nothing against color. Still, you won’t convince me that red or orange or navy (or any other color) is “the new black.” Because nothing out-performs beautiful black.

I could keep waxing poetic here, but instead I’ll nudge you toward a book review I wrote for The Christian Science Monitor. Titled “It’s Black and Chic and Seen All Over”, it also offers a short history of the little black dress — and lists all the reasons why every woman needs at least two perfect LBDs.