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  1. Cindy, I wanted to send you an email after I got one from you about your break from FB, but I didn’t want you to think you needed to respond to my response. First, I wanted to thank you for thinking of your friends when you have so much going on. Second, I wanted you to know that you and your mom continue to be in my thoughts and prayers. Take care of yourself and be well ~

  2. I’m tempted to take a Facebook break myself. I use it mostly to feel connected to folks back in the US and to ‘announce’ when I have a new post on my blog. I wonder if I could break without deactivating totally … like a severe fast.

    I hope things are better soon for you with regard to your mom. I know aspects of her health won’t improve, but I hope the areas that can improve, do. Big hugs!

  3. Thanks so much for these sweet comments, friends!

    Elizabeth, yes, you can also try avoiding Facebook without deactivating, too. I have tried that — and it helps. However, when my account remains active, I still receive private message alerts in my email, and, feel compelled to respond to those.

  4. So sorry that life has been so stressful for you Cindy! And for your poor mom- how hard it is to see loved ones suffer…. Take a break, we will still be her when you fell rested.

  5. Hi, Cindy. Congratulations on putting your mother’s health above all else, and thanks for posting about your FB vacation. After noticing few of my business page followers even saw my posts, I decided to limit my posts there to once a week, on weekends. I posted on my own page that I will not be using FB much anymore, and I have only occasionally been checking feeds of good friends and pages I love. Since I get news about many community events and questions from friends I rarely or never see (i.e., poet I met in Ireland), I am not closing my account. This decision has helped me gain more control over my time. I’m planning to apply it to Twitter, too. I’m yet sure how! I recommend Sherry Turkle’s insightful book on her research in this area, Alone Together. Happy FB-free sailing from Gold Boat Journeys: Live Write Travel Explore in Laguna Beach, California

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