Spring break

Nobody needs a vacation as much as the person who just had one.” — Elbert Hubbard

Doug and I are still trying to catch up after returning from California wine country and a cook’s tour of San Francisco with our friends last week. Jet lag be damned, I hit the ground running early Thursday morning with jury duty, which, thankfully, took only half a day. And did I mention the essay revision I had to finish for a national newspaper?

On Friday, Nate and Andrea drove in from Chicago for the Easter holiday, and I happily spent much of the weekend cooking for our family. The guys drove to Waltonwood Assisted Living (Royal Oak) to pick up my mom for Easter dinner. Then we all collapsed on the couch with a movie after getting Mom back to Waltonwood for her medications.

I’m always a little sad when Nate and Andrea head back to Chicago, as our visits seem so short and sweet. But I’m grateful for every moment I get to spend with them. (We’re knee-deep in wedding plans these days, of course!)

Meanwhile, the herb garden needs to be weeded and I’ve got to finish The Paris Wife in time for the neighborhood book club meeting this week. So I’ll be taking a short break from blogging, but will return soon with more photos from our California trip, a link to a newly published personal essay, and some good news about my book of essays, Writing Home … All in all, I am very excited about starting a fresh season!  How about you? Do you break for spring? — Cindy La Ferle

9 thoughts on “Spring break

  1. So glad you were able to get away for awhile. I spent my break blogging and many hours working on the family tree…found family members born in Scotland in the very early 1800s!

  2. Cindy,
    Was this your first time to CA wine country?? We LOVED it!
    Did Sonoma one day and Marin the other. I loved the little towns like Healdsburg (sp?). I was more impressed than I expected to be. So reminded me of France and Europe. Just a gorgeous part of the country.
    So what paper can we watch for your column in?

  3. Cindy, you’ve been busy. All good stuff! We just booked our flight to San Francisco in July to see family and friends in CA and Seattle. Glad you had a good time.

  4. Thanks for these good wishes, everyone! I am finally starting to catch up, but it’s taking longer. Had to take my mom to the dentist this week, and of course, the housework doesn’t get done by itself, either … 🙂

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