Creative venting

I have learned the value of articulating creative challenges. Nothing is too petty to bear mention. And the simple act of venting — with humor, if possible — makes me the author of my life.” — Julia Cameron, The Creative Life

In another inspiring book, creativity expert Julia Cameron ponders all facets of the artful life, from enduring fallow time to savoring epiphanies and breakthroughs. Drawing from the rich well of her own experiences, Cameron reminds us in The Creative Life that we must take time out to reassess where our paths are leading us.

If we’re blocked, it helps to “vent” with a trusted creative friend, as Cameron suggests. While venting, we might discover that all we need is a short break or more sleep. Or that it might be time to head off in a new direction.

I’m lucky to have an artist-architect husband and several writer-friends with whom I can share my creative dreams and disappointments. When I indulge in a little creative venting, I often discover why I’m blocked — or how to push beyond my so-called limits. Sometimes, too, my professional concerns or worries are validated. For instance, my writer-friends are the first to point out when an editor is treating me unfairly — or when I’ve missed the mark.

Cameron is also spot on when she reminds us that crafting an art project or writing a book requires many intricate steps. “Grumbling about each of them may well free up the energy to act,” she writes. “One thing it surely does is dismantle the mythology that tells us art is made by loners and made with heroic ease.”  — Cindy La Ferle

6 thoughts on “Creative venting

  1. I don’t really have anyone to talk to about creativity I think. I always feel like I’m boring folks and being self absorbed….
    So thanks for this inspirational post.

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