Cats and more cats!

You will always be lucky if you know how to make friends with strange cats.” — English proverb

According to the Feral Cat Coalition, wild (or “feral”) cats are the offspring of domestic cats. These feral kitties are the result of negligent pet owners who abandon their pets — and fail to spay or neuter them.

Feral cat colonies can be found behind local businesses or in alleys, parks, abandoned buildings, and rural areas. Or even in well-manicured subdivisions like my own Vinsetta Park in Royal Oak.

This week’s “No Place Like Home” column describes how we found our new kitten, Izzie — and what our neighborhood is doing to find homes for other orphaned kittens. Also includes are tips and reader comments on what to do if you find a feral cat or kitten you’re unable to keep. Click here to read it and to see more photos of the adorable, incomparable Izzie. –CL

–Photo above: Izzie relaxing at home, a week after she was rescued.–

3 thoughts on “Cats and more cats!

  1. Oooooohhhhh…. she’s a calico. I feel happy for you and sad at my losses at the same time. I actually think that there are truly feral cats – that are not easily domesticated and fight like crazy when you catch them and “feral” cats that spring from drop off domestic cats. Perhaps the difference is how many generations they are from living with humans?
    Anyhow- these are clearly easy to live with since Izzy is wrapped up looking cozy and happy to be found!
    Congrats there Cindy- they are such a happy distraction from our cares! And what a great vet to step up!

  2. Hello, soglad I read your post.. and know that I am not alone in trying to control the overpopulation of the feral cats. Last year I gave away over 50 kittens to wonderful, caring and I hope, responsible people. If two of those people dont spay or neuter, those two cats left to breed unchecked, will produce over 80 MILLION offspring in only 10 years. Every year new cats, both male and female show up at my farm, most are half wild, or completely wild. I am on a limited income and have been struggling to save money to get these feral cats fixed. Unfortunatly, as with life, every time I get enough to spay one, something goes wrong and I have to spend that money for my own survival. I want to do the right thing, but I am disabled and am on a very limited income. Please visit
    If you are like me and stuggling financially, you can help by sharing this link on your facebook or any place that will help me get the word out and hopefully get these cats spayed/neutered before the next kitten explosion!! Just 250 people who care enough to donate 10$ each and the 9 cats that are making my barn their home, will be spayed/neutered and rabies vaccinated!! If my cause isn’t right for you please look around your own area.. there will be others that need your help. If we all help.. we will win.

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