Where to buy my book

My essay collection, Writing Home, is now available locally at Yellow Door Art Market in Berkley and Paper Trail Books in downtown Royal Oak. For details on how to purchase signed copies of the book directly from me ($20 including shipping), please contact me using the form on this web site. (Used copies are still available from other sellers on Amazon, but I’ve stopped supplying new books to Amazon.)

Written during the years I worked at home while raising my son, the book has been called “a love letter to home and family life.”  It includes 93 pieces that were previously published in national magazines and newspaper columns, and has earned several creative non-fiction awards, including one fom Writer’s Digest and another from Midwest Independent Publishers Association.


One thought on “Where to buy my book

  1. Karen,
    Amazon does tell you that you have to sell a certain quantity before they will send payment. But I’ve gotten past that point, since I’ve been selling my books on Amazon for more than 10 years. I added a Kindle edition, and recently received a notice saying they won’t cut me a check but will credit my bank account for Kindle editions sold. I’m not comfortable with that, and am also concerned about not getting a check for the paperbacks sold. They keep changing the rules of the game, and I have serious concerns.

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